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The Inconvenient Truth


Under the headline "The Inconvenient Truth", I talk about topics from the field of business intelligence and analytics, many of which have been driving me around for years. I want to question and discuss, I want to refute half-truths and buzzwords, clear up misunderstandings and take away illusions where I think that supposedly secure knowledge has long since degenerated into hollow commonplaces or that entrepreneurial decision-making has simply been built on wrong premises.

Lennard Stoever – Co-Founder und CEO, minubo GmbH


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Reality Check

Your Team Doesn’t Have a Definition of Revenue. The truth is, they have five (that's four too many).

By Lennard Stoever on October 1, 2019

"How much revenue did we make last week?" - "450.322 €." - "Are you sure? I got the info from accounting that it is 368.433 €." - "Huh? Nah, I'm sure. In the sales report, it is 450,322...

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Reality Check

BI has Top Priority! The Truth is: You Shouldn’t Replace Your ERP First.

By Lennard Stoever on August 22, 2019

"Unfortunately, we cannot start with the implementation of business intelligence yet. We have to question our ERP first." I'm relatively sure that nobody would believe me if I revealed...

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Unmask the Buzzword Reality Check

Individually Developed BI is Overrated. The Truth is: 80% of BI Requirements in Commerce are Identical.

By Lennard Stoever on July 17, 2019

“Yeah, we're buying an ecommerce platform, ERP, CRM, checkout and marketing systems off the shelf - but our BI requirements are so highly individual that we need to build a solution...

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Reality Check

"Make or Buy" in BI? The Truth is: "Buy" Provides the Better Solution – Faster and Cheaper.

By Lennard Stoever on June 14, 2019

In Business Intelligence (BI), the question of "Make or Buy" seems to be much more present than in most other software categories for some reason. While self-built solutions are clearly...

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Reality Check

No One Uses Your BI System. The Truth is: Only 10% of Your Staff Would Even be Able to.

By Lennard Stoever on May 14, 2019

Dear Head of BI, I know the truth is sometimes hard to bear, but in the end, it does not help anyone to close their eyes to it. Yes, you have a great BI system/analysis...

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Category Differentiation

Visualization Tools do not Solve Data Problems. The Truth is: They are not Even Half the Battle.

By Lennard Stoever on April 10, 2019

"We want to do something with our data now, too." – "Very good! What are you working with?" – "With [please insert: QlikView / Power BI / Tableau]." – "No, I mean, how do you solve your...

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Unmask the Buzzword

Real-time is a Buzzword Bubble. The Truth is: 90% of BI Cases Don't Need it

By Lennard Stoever on February 27, 2019

Again and again, I cannot decide whether to scream or cry – or just leave the meeting room resignedly. "Can you do that in real-time?" There it is again, that question – posed in all...

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