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The Inconvenient Truth


Under the headline "The Inconvenient Truth", I talk about topics from the field of business intelligence and analytics, many of which have been driving me around for years. I want to question and discuss, I want to refute half-truths and buzzwords, clear up misunderstandings and take away illusions where I think that supposedly secure knowledge has long since degenerated into hollow commonplaces or that entrepreneurial decision-making has simply been built on wrong premises.

Lennard Stoever – Co-Founder und CEO, minubo GmbH


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Unmask the Buzzword

Real-time is a Buzzword Bubble: The Truth is – 90% of BI Cases Don't Need it

By Lennard Stoever on February 27, 2019

Again and again, I cannot decide whether to scream or cry – or just leave the meeting room resignedly. "Can you do that in real-time?" There it is again, that question – posed in all...

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