Anne Golombek Apr 15, 2013 11:05:00 AM 2 min read

Two partners, one goal: pixi* and minubo for even more successful eCommerce

This is how you optimize online-retailing: Our BI tool minubo is official partner of the pixi* eCommerce software! Based on this, pixi* won’t only present us as the one and only Business Intelligence Solution for onlineshops on their website, but also on the current eCommerce season’s every exhibition wall.

Both pixi* and minubo stand for successful eCommerce – a basis that promises an as successful partnership. Especially against the background of more and more shared objectives regarding the future of eCommerce, the idea of a strategic cooperation is perfectly obvious. Thus, pixi* and minubo will for example present themselves collectively on the dmexco in cologne, upcoming in september.

One thing is sure – many customer’s most popular question for an extensive reporting solution especially created for onlineshops will now be answered easily by pixi*, the ERP system on a SaaS basis with already more than 300 customers: minubo! This is promising vast marketing effects as pixi* is, being a prestigious eCommerce software, a strong partner with a great network especially attractive for minubo’s interests.

We are looking forward to a continually successful cooperation!


Anne Golombek

Anne is COO and Marketing Lead at minubo. As an expert in Business Intelligence and data-driven decision-making, she is a passionate writer for minubo and their blog.