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Webinar: BI expert Lennard Stoever (CEO minubo) at the virtual conference of IBusiness

Posted by Lisa Wiedmann on Feb 12, 2019 4:05:51 PM

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Big data, AI, real-time, predictive or machine learning - when you look around in the field of BI and Analytics, one thing is obvious: Buzzwords are everywhere. And who can keep track? Of course, even though these technologies and concepts all actually exist, one often gets the impression that the naming of specific offers becomes more and more arbitrary. For companies, this means difficult preconditions when it comes to navigating through this jungle of offers. Taking a closer look, however, it becomes clear that behind all the colorfully associations, there is most probably the same vision – to operate as data-driven and as goal-oriented as possible in order to achieve the best results for the business.  

At the 25th virtual conference of IBusiness, minubo CEO Lennard Stoever explains how to extract real value from your data and which seven success factors are important for your BI project. (unfortunately the presentation is only available in German)

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