Daniel Holtmann Mar 4, 2021 4:14:26 PM 1 min read

Five Compelling Reasons to Exploit Your Data Potential

42% of all retailers do not use the potential of their data. According to a recent study, companies that work data-driven achieve 22% more profit and 70% more sales per employee than their competitors. So, there is no reason not to work in a data-driven manner - or is there?

The lack of access to data or no uniform reporting are only two challenges when introducing a data-driven infrastructure to your company. However there are many reasons that suggest using your data potential correctly; increased competitive advantages, great time savings and a better customer understanding are just a few positive examples.

The question that needs to be answered is: how do I manage to raise my potential and which tools can help me with that? Read everything about it in our Whitepaper "Data-driven Companies are more successful Five Compelling Reasons to Exploit Your Data Potential". 



Daniel Holtmann

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