Daniel Holtmann May 20, 2021 10:56:25 AM 3 min read

More power for Power BI - An example from fashion retailer Masai Clothing

Visualize and demonstrate data - a large number of software solutions are available on the market for this. In addition to Tableau and QlikView, Power BI is probably one of the best-known visualization tools. To be able to rely on a meaningful presentation, a high-quality and up-to-date database is required. Often, access to relevant data is restricted because it is available in different systems, resources and applications, and thus in isolated internal company silos, and it is therefore not centrally available. The trick is to ensure a "single point of truth", which is a cross-channel, comprehensive and well-maintained database to make all analysis-relevant information available: because the output of data visualization is only as good as the input.

Better quality through a well-structured database

Business Intelligence solutions such as minubo provide a high-quality, complete and well-structured database. By integrating the data from all relevant systems (POS, ERP, online, store, etc.) into a holistic database, minubo also creates the basic requirements for successful visualization applications.

Masai Clothing Company Benefits from the “Best of Both Worlds

An example of the successful interaction of both solutions is shown by the Danish fashion retailer Masai Clothing.  Read the paper to find out how reporting and analytics tools - such as Power BI - improve in quality through access to a complete and well-structured database and what benefits result from this. GET PAPER


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