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FarmTiger Inside Story: #4 Get Started in eCommerce With These Top KPIs

Only one thing counts for startups: grow, grow, grow. But there is no master plan for the right approach because every business model is different. But what do all young companies have in common: getting experience and learning. Fail fast, fail smart, because it is certain that not everything will run smoothly at the beginning. It is important to stick with it and analyze past mistakes. Because mistakes are part of everyday startup life and the lessons learned may be the starting point for actual success.

The B2B Company FarmTiger

Together with the FarmTiger team, we asked ourselves the question: If we could only look at 5 key figures, which 5 KPIs would we choose to be able to provide a high level of meaningfulness about our own business model in a rapidly growing company? An almost impossible task because there are so many relevant key figures and each department has a different focus. The company tried it anyway: FarmTiger told us which key figures are currently playing a decisive role for the young company to be able to assess growth and market relevance as well as business value.

Top 5 KPIs + Bonus 

Whether it's Marketing Cost Revenue Ratio (CRR), Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR), Contribution Margin or Cash Burn rRate - the list of relevant KPIs is long and therefore there will never be a universal set of KPIs that can be applied to every business. Nevertheless, the difficult selection of the Top 5 KPIs + Bonus for has been made. Find out:


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