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Next Generation of the minubo Data Model

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In a couple of weeks, we will start the implementation of the next generation of minubo’s data model – providing more clarity and completeness in regards to measure names than ever before. 

The challenges for Commerce Intelligence have evolved rapidly in the past years. And so did the minubo data model. Now, we have modernized, streamlined and restructured the model to perfectly cover today's analytical challanges of online and omni-channel brands and retailers. At the same time we are able to make the user experience easier and more intuitive.


In the process we challenged each term and name of a measure or metric. As a result we are proud to present a completely revised approach that has the following advantages, among others:

  • Consistency
    The naming follows a harmonized logic. This makes it easier to find the right attributes and measures quickly.
  • Comprehensibility
    What exactly does a measure contain? Our new concept makes it clearer, what is included or excluded.
  • Future proofness
    The concept is well thought-out to the smallest detail. Future additions to the model will blend in seamlessly into the existing logic.

What Does That Mean for the minubo app?

In the minubo App in General

Starting from December 1st, we will update the app in three steps. Beginning with the WebPivot feature, we will roll out the new and harmonized concept in all areas of the app step by step. Existing Dashboards and other tools will be updated automatically and without any effort for you.

Additionally, we will launch a new and improved help function. This is providing better insights about the used measures, based on the meta data.

In the Feeds

Feeds that are created after December 1st will automatically use the new data concept. This means that for all newly created feeds you will only see the new names and measures. This makes it easier since there will not be any additional work later in the process.

Until further notice, existing feeds will keep the old terms and names for the measures. During the two-month transition period, it will be possible to optionally switch between the new names and old names for existing feeds. But watch out: Once you switch to the new names and save the feeds, all deprecated measures are removed from the feed and will not be added back even when you switch back to the old names. After the transition period, all existing feeds will be migrated to the new model automatically.

How we Support our Users During the Transition

We understand that every new beginning brings new challenges. Known measures get new names, new measures are available that have not been in the model before. We will do our best to make the transition as easy as possible.

The app will contain a new and better help function that informs in more detail what is included in any measure. The help function will be available almost all through the app by clicking the question mark icon.

Additionally, we will issue a cheat sheet that gives a quick and easy overview about all changes. This provides an additional help to gain a quick overview of how a known measure will be called in the future. We will issue the cheat sheet in time before the transition of the data model is completed. Users can use the digital version or print it to have a hard copy at hand anytime.

And of course our support staff and Key Account Managers will be there to answer any questions.

More details on the next generation of the data model will follow shortly. 

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