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Watch out! Announcing New Features

The time has come, in the next few months several new releases with great new features will go live! We are happy to present them to you now. After all, anticipation is half the fun. 


Powerful analysis tools in the suite

In July, the first new analysis tools go live:

  • The new Cohort Analysis gives you transparency about customer retention and the lifetime value of customer cohorts.

          minubo_Cohorts_Chart  minubo_Cohorts_Table

  • With histogram analysis, you can make the statistical distribution behind a success driver transparent and thus answer questions for which you previously had to bring the data into other applications. ("At what ø price does a product sell most frequently?", "How is the number of orders distributed across all customers?", ...)
  • With the Analysis Grid you group products, brands or customers (the entity to be grouped is freely selectable) in order to separate the high-performing from the under-performing.

Under the hood, the analysis tools are based on a new technical infrastructure that makes it possible to implement further analyses quite quickly. Accordingly, the next steps are:

  • Cross-sell analysis to understand which items, brands (…) are bought together in the same order or in all orders by the same customer.
  • Recency-Frequency-Monetary modeling to group customers by their purchasing behavior.

The analysis tools are released as alpha versions first to indicate that we are still collecting feedback and adding more features:

  • One such – very important – feature is the ability to download the results of the analysis. A download function is already in the works.

You will get more information in a separate blog post with the actual release.


facelift of the analysis page

With the release of the new analysis tools, the analysis page also gets a facelift:

  • In the future, you can access the query tool and the new Analysis directly via the "Analysis" tab.
  • Until further notice, you can access the legacy elements of the analysis page (Single View Pages, Web Pivot, Cohort report, Correlation Matrix and Journey Analysis report) through a menu entry on the left side.


more intuitive start page

The release of the analysis tools and the subsequent change of the analysis page are only one step in the change process. In July, the existing home page will be replaced with an updated version that presents your key performance indicators more clearly and flexibly than our existing home page. Your benefits:

  • Above all, the tool-based structure of the application is replaced by a common explorer for all Dashboards, Queries, Reports and Analyses. This will make it much easier for you to organize all your files in minubo, since you no longer need to create and maintain a similar folder structure several times.
  • In the future, new Dashboards, Queries, Reports and Analysis will be created from a central location, the “New” button.
    In the future you will find all minubo tools in one place!

minubo_Start_page 1With the release of the new home page, more new features will be introduced:

  • A new search for quickly finding and accessing all files in minubo replaces the existing searches.
  • A library with templates for dashboards, reports, etc. to give new users an easier start working with minubo.
  • A Favorites feature to access your favorite files directly, as well as quick access to frequently and recently opened files.



Bye-bye Web Pivot. Hello Improved Query Tool.

Another change is the migration from Web Pivot and legacy Feeds to the current Query tool and its Feed feature. Many users have already given valuable feedback for the Query tool and the new Feeds. We would like to thank you very much for that! Based on your feedback, a number of improvements are being released to the Query tool that make filtering faster, reduce the need to switch visualizations, and protect Feeds from unexpected changes.

  • With these improvements, the Query tool and the new Feeds finally leave their test phase and the process of deprecating the legacy Feeds and the Web Pivot begins.
  • If you have not already switched, we would like to ask you to use the Query tool instead of the Web Pivot for spontaneous data queries in the future. New legacy Web Pivot entities can be created until the end of August 2022.
  • You can access existing web pivots until the end of October 2022.

Since existing legacy Feeds are a central part of the data infrastructure of many of our customers, we would like to give you some important information in advance:

The good news first: The migration process within minubo will be very easy.

  • With the automatic Feed migration feature, you can create a new Query with an associated (v3) feed from an existing legacy feed with one click. We will soon add a corresponding button to the legacy feeds.
  • A token search will help you find the appropriate legacy feed entity for the feed URL you have.
  • In addition to the changes in the front-end, there is also an important change in the background: the (v3) Feeds refer to a new infrastructure. This infrastructure is auto-scalable, making your Feeds load faster and more reliable. One consequence of this is that the Feed URLs change structurally.
  • So that you don't have to exchange every Feed URL in Excel, Google Sheets or Power BI, we are working on a forwarding so that your feed request is forwarded to the new infrastructure when the legacy feed URL is called up.
    • We can't guarantee that every software will support redirection, but in our previous tests with Excel and Google Sheets, redirection works fine for feeds without a login protection.
    • Forwarding does not currently work for feeds with login protection. We're working on a solution, but unfortunately we can't promise anything.
  • In cases where the redirect does not work, it is necessary to replace the legacy Feed URL with the new (v3) Feed URL.

About the timeline:

  • In order to reduce the overall migration effort, new feeds can only be created with the old feeds tool until the end of July. After that, only new feeds based on queries should be created.
  • Existing legacy feeds will continue to return data until the end of January 2023.
  • Access to legacy feeds within the application will remain available until the end of February 2023.
  • We will give you more information within the application as soon as the features for automatic migration go live.

As announced, you will receive further information on the corresponding releases from us here in the blog and also directly in the application. You have questions? Do not hesitate to write an email: support@minubo.com


Robin Henke

Robin is Product Manager at minubo. He loves to share best practices on how minubo customers can get most out of their work with minubo.