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B2B Data Analysis at the next Level - minubo introduces Segmentation at Company Level and B2B-Customer-Journey-Analysis


It is undisputed that the subject of data analysis and data-driven work continues to gain ground, including in the B2B environment. However, what is already common practice in the B2C sector is often still a big challenge for companies in the B2B area. What is distinct and why it pays to take a closer look at this subject is revealed in the following article.

What is special about B2B data analysis?

With a higher customer lifetime value and a significantly longer business relationship with B2B customers, compared to B2C customers, the B2B customers usually receive more thorough and costly support. The biggest challenge in B2B data analytics is the number of people involved in the decision-making process. Unambiguously attributable spontaneous purchases by individuals - well known in the B2C industry - are the exception. Rather, when purchasing, there is often a serious difference between "decision makers" and "customers", which must be considered in the approach, communication and measures. Ideally, the relationship of all persons involved in the decision-making process must therefore be depicted transparently. But how do I know what influence, for example, the contact with person A has on the ordering behaviour of person B? And how, where, and with what offer should I contact person A in order to place an order with person B? To provide answers to these questions and to ensure coordinated and efficient customer communication across multiple channels, companies rely on minbu.


minubo takes data analysis to the next level

More and more B2C companies base their decisions on date. minubo takes the next step and makes data-driven work possible for the B2B sector as well. The company is working on two special areas: customer journey analysis and campaign control. 

From the very beginning of the collaboration, minubo developed company-specific B2B customer journey analyses specifically for the requirements of one of their customers so they could better understand customer behavior at the company level. For each B2B-customer, a customer profile is thus available which records data for all interacting employees as well as their touchpoints (online and offline). This aggregated information - via website visits, webshop and phone orders, or purchase in the store - gives a holistic view and analysis at company level in terms of buying behavior and customer touchpoints.

In a further development step, minubo customers now have the opportunity to use a company segmentation analogous to the customer segmentation. In addition to looking at the individual touchpoints in the customer journey analysis, minubo customers can also analyze the aggregated data at company level and build self-defined segments. These are based on easily configurable rules and can refer to company attributes as well as transaction histories. For instance: all companies in a particular industry that had a certain revenue in a specific period of time during the last year but have not purchased in the last three months. In addition to a detailed view of the individual companies in a defined segment, it is also possible to get an overview of specific properties such as basket value, order history or returns.



The selected data can be exported and (also automatically) integrated into third-party systems (e.g. e-mail marketing). As a result, companies can be specifically addressed and campaign management can be more efficient. Marketing budget is no longer used for redundant multiple approaches to prospects and can thus be more targeted and profitable for relevant people. The compy segmentation is based on complex calculation logics that can only be achieved with high-performance technology - minubo sets a milestone with this tool.

By using minubo, B2B-companies have the opportunity to fully understand the behavior of their B2B-customers, individuals and their touchpoints, thereby increasing their efficiency and effectiveness in the costly B2B marketing business.

Would you like to know more? Try our free demo or call us directly.

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