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Lisa Wiedmann Jul 16, 2020 7:03:41 AM 7 min read

Holistic Personalization of the Digital Customer Journey. This is now Possible Thanks to the Partnership Between trbo and minubo.

We are very happy to expand the strategic partnership between trbo and minubo. Both companies share a common vision: They want to offer online retailers the opportunity to serve the increasingly complex customer journey more effectively and to be able to make data-driven marketing decisions even more comprehensively in the future. And how can you do this better than with an experienced partner at your side. With the cooperation between trbo and minubo, we enable a 360° customer view, both comprehensively and historically, and in real-time when they are on your website.

The Best of Both Worlds - Commerce Intelligence & Personalization


On-site Personalization

trbo is the German market leader when it comes to automated customer on-site interaction. Their extensive platform enables website visitors to be addressed in real-time with relevant and personalized recommendations. Behind this is a self-learning algorithm that analyzes user behavior based on over 50 visitor characteristics and then plays out the right content for every customer and every situation. This can be, for example, individual product recommendations, dynamic vouchers or loyalty campaigns.

What do you need? In addition to the right tool, the "single point of truth", that is, a cross-channel, comprehensive and well-maintained database, is an important prerequisite. Because, as we know, the output of intelligent software is only as good as its input.


Holistic Personalization 

This is where minubo comes in. With its comprehensive database, the Business Intelligence Solution serves as a single point of truth and, in addition to extensive analysis options, also enables the targeted creation of dynamic segments.

The advantage: these segments can take all historical and transactional data into account and also include omni-channel insights. minubo segments can easily be exported via feed API and can then be imported directly into third-party systems such as the on-site personalization platform trbo - without any technical effort. The resulting possible uses of trbo's on-site personalization consequently combine data-driven & transaction-based as well as behavior-based and real-time measures, and thus enable holistic personalization.

The result: an increase in product performance, cost reduction by minimizing returns, and a reduction in the number of abandoned buyers, stronger customer loyalty through loyalty campaigns, and a personalized and optimized user experience.

“Only those who offer their customers personalized customer experiences along the entire customer journey will be able to retain them in the long term, increase shop performance and increase sales. We are therefore delighted to be working closely with minubo. By accessing minubo's holistic analytics database, additional data such as returns, margins, stocks or ranges can be used. This makes personalization even more precise and goal-oriented, and online retailers benefit from the 360° customer perspective provided by this closer partnership. Added to this are minubo's extensive reporting options for measuring campaign success.” Felix Schirl, Managing Diector and CEO trbo GmbH  


The Full-Service Offer

As part of the partnership, the intuitive self-service platform from trbo will, in the future, be supplemented by proactive consulting (support and advice) by trained minubo employees. We happily support you during the campaign planning and the conceptualization of A / B tests, as well as in the monitoring of ongoing campaigns and subsequent performance analysis. This means that even small teams with limited capacity can benefit from the use of on-site personalization and exploit the full potential of their campaigns.

In an obligation-free consultation, we are happy to check the status quo for you free of charge, evaluate the possible uses and recommend an individual strategy. Please contact Stefanie Wolter for this. She is our expert when it comes to personalization.

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About trbo

trbo is a leading technology provider for dynamic on-site personalization, optimization and testing. With the AI-based platform from trbo, content and offers from websites can be designed individually and inspiringly - in real-time, tailored to the needs of customers in their customer journey. For this purpose, a self-learning algorithm analyzes user behavior based on over 50 visitor characteristics. This data then allows targeted delivery of a wide variety of content in the design of the online presence, which demonstrably optimizes the shopping experience of website visitors. Well-known retailers and manufacturers such as Ströer, Telefónica, mydays, Triumph, Vertbaudet and XXXLutz trust in the SaaS solution from trbo. The Munich-based company was founded in 2013. The managing director is Felix Schirl.


Contact: Esther Schwan - Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

T   + 49 (0)89 / 215 38 68 17 | E    es@trbo.com | W   www.trbo.com 


Lisa Wiedmann

Lisa is Digital Marketing Manager at minubo. Her passion for quality content on topics from the field of data-driven commerce and, in particular, on how minubo customers gain value from their data is what drives her to do a great job every day.