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Eco meets Ecom: minubo came in 2nd at this years Startup Pitch at the Digital Fashion Summit 2020

It almost seems a bit surreal to report on an event that didn't take place exclusively digitally. Additionally, there were also two prominent themes that piqued the interest of visitors on September 10 in Frankfurt: the Digital Fashion Summit and the Sustainable Fashion Summit.

Anyone who did not follow the congress organized by TextilWirtschaft and dfv Conference Group via the live stream from home was able to attend keynotes, lectures and live talks on the most important trends and challenges in the fashion industry in terms of digitization and sustainability under strict Corona hygiene measures on-site.

Lasse Klüver (minubo VP Sales & Partner Management) was one of around 40 speakers with a presentation at this year's Startup Pitch. In his lecture, he used concrete customer examples to show what it means to work data-driven for the fashion industry and how retailers use intelligent data management to make better decisions, establish better processes and maximize their results. With 40% of votes from the audience minubo just missed the first place. This is definitely a sign that the fashion industry is also increasingly shaped by digital data and technologies and that data-driven work becomes more important than ever before.

If you missed the lecture, you can get expert tips and specific help on practical issues relating to the subject of data directly from Lasse. Just write him an email. Or register for our next product tour.

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