Lisa Wiedmann Oct 29, 2020 10:32:39 AM 2 min read

KPI Guide for the Growth-oriented Retail Company

Key figures are the milestones on the way to success

Whether you are a start-up, established or growth-oriented retail company, key figures help you to better understand your business. They form the basis on which future decisions are made, and they enable immediate detection of deviations and weak points. The aim of every company should therefore be to create a common and uniform understanding of the relevant key figures. Also because dangers can lurk in inconsistent key figure terminology.

Grow Quickly in eCommerce With These Top 5 KPIs

We would like to provide assistance with our “KPI Guide” series and present five relevant key figures on the following pages. This time: growth phase.

Even though each company must individually identify the relevant key figures, the KPIs presented here form a solid basis that well represent the three core measures of a company - customers, products and orders. Over time and depending on the respective phase of the company, the portfolio of key figures will expand and/or modify. It is therefore important to evaluate these regularly and to redefine them if necessary.

Read the Guide, identify the potentials, define the KPIs relevant to your company, invest sensibly in tools and know-how and create structures that generate sales instead of burning your budget.


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