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minubo sharing expertise on data-driven commerce

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TDWI Munich 2019 – The Conference for Data & Insights. Lasse Klüver Talks About “The Challenge of the Data Model"

B2B Data Analysis at the next Level - minubo introduces Segmentation at Company Level and B2B-Customer-Journey-Analysis

Decathlon Opens U.S. Superstore - Omni-channel Powered by NewStore and minubo

Data-driven trade associations: minubo CEO Lennard Stoever Presented at the HIS Conference 2019

K5 – Innovation,  Knowledge Transfer and Networking: minubo at Germany's Leading eCommerce Event

Best Practice: Increasing Sales Through Intelligent Email Marketing. Benefiting from the Big Advantage of Data - minubo and ROQQIO Show You How

Lasse Klüver of minubo Presents at the Members ONLY Event of e-velopment

State of the Art Product Segmentation - An eCommerce Research Project with Cooperation Partner Fachhochschule Wedel

Predictive Analytics and logistical Intelligence - Success Story of SugarShape, Descartes pixi and minubo

Marketing Automation - Success is Based on the Correct Handling of Valuable Data

New WhitePaper: The Commerce Intelligence Blueprint. How to Create Real Value From Your Data

Industry Experts Develop Index for Successful Onsite Customer Journey

Help That Gut Feeling - Melvin & Hamilton Let the Data Speak

E-Commerce Berlin Awards: minubo belongs to the best BI Tools on the German e-commerce market.

Webinar: BI expert Lennard Stoever (CEO minubo) at the virtual conference of IBusiness

Business Intelligence as a Top Investment Theme for eCom 2019 and what that means for you

tesa relies on data – and on the expertise of minubo

minubo Rights Management – Role-based Administration of Access to Individual Key Figures

Custom Insights Pages: The Customized Entry into your Data-driven Work Day

How INTERSPORT Uses minubo to Bring Data-Driven Decision-Making to the POS (ONEtoONE 10/2018)

Betty Barclay Customer Success Story - Higher turnover through intelligent product segmentation

Getnow and minubo: Data-driven Towards the e-Food Revolution

WhitePaper: INTERSPORT Relies on minubo – and Sets new Standards for the Industry

Next CRS-Workshop: The Onsite Customer Journey Index

minubo and the GDPR

Proactive Alarm Bell - Individual Alerts for an Effective Data-Driven Working Environment 

Video: How the Commerce Reporting Standard Helps Retailers to Keep up With Amazon

Last-Minute Christmas tip: How to Escape the Discount Trap With the Right Offer Strategy

Next Generation of the minubo Data Model

How a Data-Driven Point of Sale Becomes a Reality

The Commerce Reporting Standard: Our Initiative to Establish an Industry Standard for key Figures in eCommerce and Omni-Channel Commerce

Make Data-driven Decisions with Ad-hoc Analysis

About the Meaning of the Omni-Channel Customer Journey

The Logical Data Warehouse – Fast and Agile Data Integration for a Flexible BI Infrastructure

minubo Annual Review 2016 – an Infographic

Buy or Do-it-yourself? – About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Flexibility in a Business Intelligence Solution

New WhitePaper: Leverage Customer Segmentation – 3 Steps to Increase Sales by Targeting the Right People With the Right Message

Google Analytics and minubo Part II: When Google Analytics Premium is Really Worth it – and When it is not

Address Customers Perfectly with Flexible Segmentation

Google Analytics and minubo Part I: Why not Compare Apples With Oranges

The Multiplication Table for Data-Driven Companies – or Those who Want to Become one

When Omni-Channel Becomes a Reality: A Workday with 360° Business Insights for the Whole Team

+++ ALERT +++ You are Sitting on a Goldmine! The Future of Analytics is Proactive.

Disposable Frontends: An Omni-Channel Litmus Test

New SmartPaper: Accelerate Omni-Channel Excellence – Key Success Factors for Building a Strong Omni-Channel Business for Your Brand!

How to Find the Right "Commerce Optimization" Solution for Your Business!

The 3 Pillars of Boosting Performance in Your Commerce Organization – an Infographic

4 Tips to Help you Get a Grip on Your Return Rate

How to Understand the Role of Mobiles in Your Customer Transactions – A Beginner's Guide

Google Adwords Bid Modifiers: How do I Get the Correct Settings?

9 Ways to Optimize Your Webshop – an Infographic

Information Overload – How to Stay on Top in a Flood of Data

Customer Acquisition and Reactivation During Holiday Season: 4 Key Questions Every Retailers Should ask Himself

The Holy Grail of Data Intelligence: The Single Point of Truth

One right after the next: Berlin pitch following Austin

Veni vidi vici – minubo rocks the SXSW German Startup Engine!

Pitfalls in Social and Affiliate Marketing: Torben Sominka explains what to watch out for!

Attention online retailers! Affiliate Marketing – more risk than gain?

Revenue Analysis in eCommerce – the Key figures you Need to Know!

The perfect Christmas assortment: Intelligent product clustering for growing sales and profitability

Infographics for our first eCommerce Benchmark Report: This is how retailers actually performed during Christmas sales 2013

Retain new customers successfully: Define analytical goals, understand repurchasing behavior, take action

minubo SmartPaper: Managing Online Shops Successfully – How do I Keep an Overview? Transparency through Best Practice eCommerce Reporting

Put an end to BIG DATA! How a buzzword makes retailers blind to the essential

Know your craft – or let your eCommerce business fail

Efficient and sustainable growth in eCommerce businesses – you’ve got what you need! Your data.

Achieving higher contribution margins in online channel management – a case study for online shops

New architecture for minubo: our Cloud BI solution moves to Amazon Web Services

Case Study: Efficient online channel management with Business Intelligence

Harder, better, faster, stronger: our eCommerce analytics tool minubo grows incessantly

The smart kind of Webanalytics: new Widgets for minubo!

5 Golden Rules for your BI project – Drawing a Bottom line

Two partners, one goal: pixi* and minubo for even more successful eCommerce

Important Metrics for Successful eCommerce (III): The Customer Lifetime Value Special

Important Metrics for Successful eCommerce (II): Sales Metrics, Cost-turnover Ratio, Return Rate, Customer Metrics, Repurchase Rate

Important Metrics for Successful eCommerce (I): Traffic, Average Session Duration, Conversion Rate, Average Order Value

BI Fundamentals – Metrics and KPIs

What’s the use of Business Intelligence? Do I need that, too?

minubo conquers the world: Our startup wins Seedcamp London 2013!!

Starting with BI – a Not-To-Do-List